Lessons Are Tailored to You, the Student

Everyone is unique. Students have goals in playing the guitar that are specific to them. They have interests in different styles from classical, to jazz, to folk, to rock, and still some students have no particular style in mind. Our students cover a broad range of ages from young children to adults, and they are comprised of various levels, from beginning, intermediate to advanced. At James Flood Guitar Lessons we understand all these unique situations and tailor the lessons to the needs and goals of the student.

Styles We Teach

James Flood teaches classical, finger style, and various acoustic guitar styles.

Steve Miller teaches jazz, rock, blues, music theory, and finger style acoustic.


Lessons are $30 per half-hour. Payment is made on a monthly basis at a flat fee of $120 per month as their is an average of 4 lessons per month (48 scheduled lessons per year). The first month is prorated if the student is taking fewer than four lessons in the first month.