Whatever it is that gives a person that spark of genius…Mr. Flood certainly has it. — Chant Cafe

In addition to his vast experience as a master guitar teacher and classical performer, James Flood has been conducting choirs for over 20 years. He is the Director of Music at St. Clement Parish in Lakewood. He has held posts in several other churches as well, including the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore. A passionate teacher as well as conductor, James is deeply committed to working with musicians of all talent levels. The results of these efforts produce music full of vibrancy and feeling. “[Flood] has managed to turn a random group of high school kids into a world-class liturgical choir right in the the heart of America. Incredible.” 

In 2014, James was asked to become the conductor of the Cleveland Guitar Orchestra (CGO), which is sponsored by the Cleveland Classical Guitar Society (CCGS). Since its inception, he has led the orchestra through the performance of pieces by Haydn, Mozart, Brahms, Faure, Debussy, Scarlatti, Bach, and Byrd, among others. Says James, “The CCGS had been discussing the prospect of starting a guitar orchestra for a few years. When they decided to move forward, I was very pleased to be chosen as conductor.”

The CGO rehearses weekly at the Church of the Covenant, near Severance Hall. The members range in skill from intermediate level to advanced. The CGO offers two 10-week sessions and two performances per year and is always open to new members.

If you’d like more information about joining, you can contact James here.