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12 benefits of studying at James Flood Guitar

1. Study with a highly-qualified guitar instructor

I have 26 years experience giving one-on-one private guitar lessons at numerous music schools, private schools, colleges, as well as my own private studios. I have my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University in Classical Guitar Performance, where I was a student of world-renowned classical guitarist Manuel Barrueco. My students are given the fundamentals of guitar technique and musicianship to maximize their potential. Read Full Bio

2. Lessons are customized to the student

Lessons are designed around the goals of the students. Your goals become my goals. Helping students achieve what they are most enthusiastic about is what is most rewarding to me.

3. Proven track record

Many of my students have gone on to become accomplished players and many of my students have stayed with me for 4 to 7 years. But let the students’ testimonials on this site speak for themselves. View our testimonials.

4. Learn in a patient environment

Honestly I get this from my students. I’m going to have little objectivity as to how patient I am, but my students over the years have frequently told me that I am. Many times they have said “Thank you for your patience,” and I always respond “No patience was required!”

5. Gain a firm and solid foundation in guitar technique and musical principals

I don’t have a hap hazard approach to teaching. Whether I’m teaching classical guitar lessons or acoustic guitar lessons in another style, the lessons are designed to give the student effective technique in order to unleash the greatest potential from their hands. Students also learn to read music (unless they already know how), how to understand and feel rhythm, as well as learning basics of music theory.

6. No long-term contracts

There are no 18 week semester commitments. Lessons are on a month to month basis. I want you to take lessons because you like studying with me, not because you signed a contract!

7. Stress-free parking

No parking meters or street parking. Each location has its own parking. It’s easy to find a spot, and it’s free.

8. Three Convenient locations

James Flood Guitar Lessons is in the Cleveland metro area at three convenient locations. Pepper Pike is within minutes of I 271; Lakewood is within minutes of I 90; South Euclid is close to Lyndhurst, Beachwood, Shaker Heights, Euclid, and Cleveland Heights.

9. Comfortable setting

Each location has comfortable places for parents to sit during the lessons.

10. I teach all levels from beginner, intermediate to advanced and teach both children and adults.

If you are a complete beginner and have never taken a music lesson in your lifetime, welcome! If you’ve already been playing for a few years or if you’ve been playing for 30 years, and yet you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, I have helped many experienced players achieve a new level in their playing that eluded them before.

11. A Guitar-focused facility

Every music school offers guitar lessons, but guitar is just one of the many instruments that these schools offer and those in charge are typically not guitarists themselves. As a result, these schools do not have the experience, the guitar know-how, nor the time to recruit and make a truly informed decision on who to hire as a guitar teacher. At James Flood Guitar Lessons you’re assured of learning from someone who has studied at one of the premiere guitar programs in the country, and who is a highly experienced guitar instructor.

12. Optional yearly recitals

I have a student recital every year in early June. It is by no means required, but it is highly recommended. Students and parents derive a great sense of accomplishment from preparing and performing for it.

guitar recital 2013

If you are ready to start, you have nothing to lose as I only want students who truly want to be here and I will not commit you to a long term contract. The first lesson is free with no commitment.

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What students and
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"I drive an hour from Akron for my lessons and guarantee that James is one of the best guitar instructors in Northeast Ohio."

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"I wanted to reiterate one more time how wonderful this whole experience has been for me, and how exceptional James is at guitar instruction I hope to be able to study with him for many years to come."

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"James is an amazing instructor."

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"Mr. Flood is...always able to help students make progress with his attention to detail and wide understanding of playing styles."

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"Mr. Flood's exceptional skill has opened up a new love for music..."

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"Mr.Flood's great understanding of how much a child can absorb at each lesson have produced results which have been encouraging to both David and parents....Mr. Flood is a wonderful teacher..."

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"James can help you achieve that next level."

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