student-headshots-003It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend James Flood for personal guitar instruction. James has a wonderful teaching style which always makes me feel relaxed and enjoy my lessons thoroughly. I, along with those who have had the opportunity to hear me play, have seen significant improvement. Although with any instrument there is a good bit of technique to master, with James it is always fun. Often times he’ll pick up his guitar and play a duet with you, or demonstrate something, which shows his exceptional skills and really gives you something to aspire for. I wanted to reiterate one more time how wonderful this whole experience has been for me, and how exceptional James is at guitar instruction. If you are reading this and considering learning the guitar, make sure you call James, and you will not be disappointed. I hope to be able to study with him for many years to come.

Zubin H. Sethna
Software Engineer




FSA-025After trying out a few instructors and not finding any success, I stopped playing guitar for a few years. When I decided I was ready to play again I saw an ad for guitar instructor James Flood. As a teacher, I am very particular about instructors, and in the past have had difficulty finding a qualified individual who knows the instrument well and understands how to teach. I highly recommend James Flood as a guitar instructor not only because he is highly qualified, but also because he helps you to set goals for playing and is very patient. I drive an hour from Akron for my lessons and guarantee James is one of the best guitar instructors in Northeast Ohio.

Stacy Scott
Akron Public Schools teacher






I had been playing contemporary guitar for several years (I started out playing rock on electric guitar and later taught myself to finger pick when I began playing solo finger-style acoustic). Eventually I hit a plateau. No matter how much I practiced, my playing abilities remained stagnant. In an effort to reinvigorate my passion for the guitar I began taking classical guitar lessons with James Flood.

James is an amazing instructor. Through his highly disciplined, yet nonjudgmental process, James helped me break down bad habits and begin building good ones. He introduced me to principles of guitar playing technique that are fundamental, yet none of my prior instructors had touched upon. James is helping me build a foundation of sound guitar playing technique for both classical finger picking and playing with a pick. I can’t recommend James highly enough.

Joseph Sagrilla
Management Consultant



My son David started lessons with Mr. Flood when he was 6 years old. Now a year later, David’s enthusiasm for his classical guitar has grown. Mr. Flood’s attention to correct technique and a great understanding of how much a child can absorb at each lesson have produced results which have been encouraging to both David and parents. With his patient, gentle approach, and willingness to go at the student’s pace, Mr. Flood is a wonderful teacher, and we look forward to more great lessons, and an expanding repertoire in future years.

Dr. Karen Workman,
Piano instructor



FSA-025When my husband and I decided that we wanted each of our children to learn an instrument I am very glad that we listened to recommendations of friends and chose classical guitar lessons through James Flood. Each of my sons began instruction with him at age 5, and we are now in our third year of lessons. Mr. Flood’s lessons are patient and thoughtful, and he takes care to instill proper habits as well as just learning songs. He has also helped me, as a parent, create an environment in my home which is conducive to daily practice.

I love watching my sons develop their concentration, coordination, and music appreciation skills through Mr. Flood’s instruction. I also enjoy watching their sense of accomplishment grow with each passing week of diligent practice and with Mr. Flood’s encouragement. They enjoy their guitars so much that they often take them on outings to entertain friends and family.

Diane Kimbrell


I have been taking lessons with Mr. Flood since 2008 with no previous musical experience beyond Guitar Hero and Rock Band. In two and a half years, I’ve improved tremendously under his instruction. I began with lessons in classical guitar and have progressed into jazz and rock. Mr. Flood is always encouraging and at the same time always able to help students make progress with his attention to detail and wide understanding of playing styles. Today I am a guitarist in the jazz band at St. Edward High School, am in a rock band with my two younger brothers, [and plan to major in music and make it my career] and play my classical and electric guitar every day, all thanks to my lessons with Mr. Flood.

Patrick Peralta
Sophomore, St. Edward High School



FSA-025I’ve taken lessons from James for two years, driving from Akron to Cleveland once a week. James is a wonderful teacher and very patient. He is very well educated on the guitar having studied extensively on the subject. He really gives an excellent grounding in whatever the student is interested in learning. Lessons are geared toward the style that I’m interested in playing. I can’t say enough about James, I truly feel lucky to have found him.

Beth Ireland







I began studying classical guitar with Mr. Flood three and a half years ago with no real musical experience. He guided me through the basics impressing on me the importance of good form. Today I am playing pieces from Bach and also finger-picking folk songs. Mr. Flood’s exceptional skill has opened up a new love for music which otherwise would have remained dormant. I love practicing on my guitar and sincerely look forward to my lessons. If you want to learn to love music then Mr. Flood is the instructor for you.

Tom Macik
Junior, The Lyceum




I started taking classical guitar lessons from James about 20 months ago – at the age of 63, and after not playing the guitar since the age of 21. James started with the basics of classical right and left hand technique, and was very patient as I worked through bad habits from long ago and learned to read music. Within the first year I was in control enough to play what I considered real music.

James tailored his lesson plan to my needs and searched out pieces that were instructive and challenging, yet not beyond my skills. I still have a long way to go, but I think James gave me a great foundation of solid basic technique to build on. As I work my way through more challenging pieces, I have come to appreciate his in-depth knowledge of guitar, and his well-developed aesthetic sense to help me bring out the most in the music.

Along the way, I also picked up from James some very nice rock techniques, and was surprised to find out how versatile he is on the instrument. I recommend James highly as a guitar instructor and musician.

Rick Chandler
CG Thermal, LLC


Music is an inherent part of my culture as a Puerto Rican. Because of this, I started taking guitar lessons with James two years ago. I found my way to him after a year of previous lessons with guitar teachers who didn’t take me or my progress seriously. Under James’ instruction I have made steady and remarkable progress toward my playing goals.

James’ strengths as a guitar teacher are chiefly his vast teaching experience and knowledgeability. His success as a guitar teacher is due to his flexibility, communication skills, and willingness to connect with his students. As a person who has suffered from debilitating illness, James worked very diligently with me to ensure that I continued to progress and adjusted my lessons accordingly. The patience and care he demonstrated during this time is something I do not think I would have experienced with most guitar teachers. It is a testament to his commitment to putting students first: both in learning and in service.

When I started to study with James, I lived about 45 minutes away in Lorain County. One of the factors that influenced my later move to Lakewood was to make it easier for me to continue to study with a quality teacher. I have full confidence that he is the right guitar teacher for you.

Laura Rodriguez-Carbone
Coordinator of Community Outreach, Lifebanc
Member of the Lakewood Wellness Foundation Task Force


Being in my late 40s, I was a bit apprehensive about learning something as new and different as classical guitar. Through a local Internet search, I found James Flood and was impressed with his credentials. It’s been 16 months since beginning my lessons, and the experience has certainly been more rewarding than I anticipated. James is an excellent classical guitarist, and his patience while working with beginners makes the learning experience even more fun. He matches his teaching style with the student’s learning style and speed, and the result is a well-balanced learning experience. If you’re either a beginner or at the advanced stages of learning, James can help you achieve that next level.

Gary Medved
Owner and President, Roto-Die, Inc.
Chief Operating Officer, King Cool Light, Ltd.



Studying guitar with James Flood is an opportunity to study with someone who has a unique insight into the history of classical guitar training. He works in the tradition of Aaron Shearer (the modern father of classical guitar instruction) and has studied with Manuel Barrueco (one of the great masters playing today). Cleveland is a powerhouse of classical guitar, and James is a hidden jewel of instruction. I don’t hesitate to give James an unqualified recommendation.

Joe Compton
Owner and President
Core Informational Management, Inc.

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"I drive an hour from Akron for my lessons and guarantee that James is one of the best guitar instructors in Northeast Ohio."

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"I wanted to reiterate one more time how wonderful this whole experience has been for me, and how exceptional James is at guitar instruction I hope to be able to study with him for many years to come."

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"James is an amazing instructor."

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"Mr. Flood is...always able to help students make progress with his attention to detail and wide understanding of playing styles."

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"Mr. Flood's exceptional skill has opened up a new love for music..."

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"Mr.Flood's great understanding of how much a child can absorb at each lesson have produced results which have been encouraging to both David and parents....Mr. Flood is a wonderful teacher..."

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"James can help you achieve that next level."

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